Friday, February 1, 2008

Adoption Journey Blog Carnival Edition 3

Welcome to the 3rd Adoption Journey Blog Carnival. Adoption can be such a long and often bumpy journey. Part of what keeps us going is the strength we gather from others we meet on the same road. What I love about this carnival is that it is a great way to unite others that understand. Others that know about adoption, others that cry when we cry and others that share our joy when our children come home to us. This edition is filled with bloggers that are in different stages of the adoption journey but understand just the same. I appreciate you all participating. For those that are just visiting I hope you take the time to visit the participants and leave them comments of encouragement and let them know you found them through the carnival. So let's get started!

Kerri presents The blogland family we create posted at Kerri's journey to mommyhood.

Dawn presents Remembering Last Winter posted at "At Thy Word".

Overwhelmed With Joy! presents It Wasn't Supposed To Work This Way posted at Overwhelmed With Joy!. This is the first post in a ten post series.

presents 1/23/2008 posted at SIMPLE PERFECT LIFE.

Julie presents Fav Foto Friday posted at Julie's Wish Came True - I'm a Mommy!.

Stacie presents Shaken Up posted at Kevin & Stacie: Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey.

Heidi presents Story Time posted at Mommy Monsters Inc.

I present Rematched posted at my other blog Hunna's Happenings.

This concludes the 3rd edition of the Adoption Journey Blog Carnival. The next carnival will be hosted here on March 1st. If you would like to enter a submission for that carnival please do so by clicking here. Thanks again for visiting! May you find much joy and love along your adoption journey!


Kelly said...

This is so cool, I love the carnival!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

When I have more time, I'll go check out the other blogger links.

Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

now I know it!

Anonymous said...

итак: благодарю.. а82ч